A 3-month immersive course and safe space, for up to 12 Black, Indigenous, Women-Identifying Leaders of Color. 

This deep-dive, personalized course, intimate space, and incubator, is for the rising, unapologetic authority: emerging visionary women leaders, activists, healers, and social and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to move through suppression, marginalization and underrepresentation. Womxn who are done with the gender and racial disparity and those ready to step outside of the cultural and societal norms they've been traditionally assigned to. 

BIWoC Revolutionaries Take The Mic is for womxn of color leaders fully ready to stand in your self-authority to inform and counter the current narrative with your traditional knowledge, personal history, and ancestral and indigenous ways.

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This devoted space is for you if...

✔️ You know your work deserves a stronger spokesperson, but you're not quite sure how to step into that 

✔️ You're ready to share your message beyond social media and with a wider audience

✔️ You're tired of being sidelined or passed-over by the dominant race, and fully ready to move past the roadblocks around suppression and discrimination

✔️ You have a message that will break ground and some illusions around gender stereotypes and racial inequality

✔️ You are ready to be celebrated as a leading expert and an authority in your field.

✔️ You are prepared to get crystal clear on your narrative, story, or idea, and take up more space with it

✔️ You are ready to give a TED/TEDx Talk, give a keynote at a womxn's conference, or a radio/podcast interview right away

✔️ You are ready to receive communal, sister support in a nurturing, easeful space, away from the eye of the dominant culture.

✔️ You are ready to learn how to leverage speaking to enhance your business

✔️ You are prepared to master your public speaking voice and interview skills 

✔️ You are revved up about bringing justice, transformative social change and inform the culture with your message and your voice

✔️ You want authentic self-expression by learning to strengthen your throat Chakra 

✔️ You're excited about connecting with reporters and prepared to build your media platform

✔️ You're ready to get paid and book competitive speaking fees and attract a speaking circuit

Because this is a very hands-on, immersive, 3-month course it is available for up to 12 participants only.

You deserve to command a rightful and bigger audience. Here are the steps we will take, to get you there.  


Having a distinct and cohesive talk is the primary and essential step to getting you out there with your message. This sequential process will get you crystal clear

Speaking Naturally

It can be a challenge to find the balance between scripting everything and speaking with authenticity. These tips will help you do that in an embodied way

The Right Platform

With the multiple and varied platforms available, you will identify the specific stage, event or pathway to finally deliver your message

Editorial Support

A chance to receive individual, hands-on editorial support and guidance of your talk, to ensure it is cohesive and ready to be delivered!

Immersive Coaching

You get weekly, live, group coaching sessions, with plenty of opportunties for Q&A. Plus an additional, private, laser-coaching session with Sonali 

Connecting to Curators

Pitching a talk to event organizers can be daunting. Learn how to strategically and easefully raise the eyebrow of the key decision maker to get you booked 

Countering the Narrative

 I will show you how to weave your personal story and your inherent wisdom to connect to your rightful audience in the cultural lanscape


Be surrounded and engaged with a private, sister-community to ensure you are fully supported and grounded as you emerge with your message

The Details

What: A 3-month group course for womxn of color truth-tellers and leaders, prepared to widen your audience and shift the narrative with your message and truth.

When: We begin November, 2020

Where: Zoom Online

Why: Because you're ready to expand your brand, tell your story, amplify your voice and/or speak for the causes & issues you care deeply about.

Battling self-doubt? I've got stories...

I was sitting with a personal story, guarding it too close to my chest for over 8 years. Sure, I had shared it on occassion, in a few private spaces and with a handful of friends, but it often left me feeling vacant because I knew I wasn't making an actual impact with it.  

After side-stepping it year after year and avoiding the inner-knowing that it needed to be told, I accepted a nomination, just a few short months ago to share my story.  

And so, to an audience of 400+ in San Francisco, CA, I spoke my truth — with my imperfections and flaws. I wasn't prepared for the reverbrations from that experience, from the audience members who approached me afterwards, to the additional speaking gig and multiple clients I garnered because of it.  

But do you want to hear the deeper truth? There was an internal shift within my own self, a sort of lightness of being and a loosening of the grip that I hadn't felt in years since starting this entrepreneurial journey.

My point in sharing this with you: Well, there are so many good things that can happen from taking up space in this way. it will give you an inner freedom, dislodge you from playing a subsidiary or restrictive role online. And speaking up & speaking out in a public way, positions womxn as experts in your field & makes you influential in the work that you do. Having a mic and a podium, shifts people's viewpoint of you. It's just how it goes — and it works!  

So what are you waiting for? Apply Today!

Sonali Fiske

Sonali Fiske

About Your Guide:

Sonali Fiske is a TEDx speaker, radio talk show host, founder, and leadership consultant for Black, Indigenous Womxn of Color leaders. Her private and group programs teach womxn to speak their truths, to help inform, educate and reshape the emerging narrative.  

Her recent masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Women's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories of BIWoC countering the current narrative in leadership and influence. 

Sonali is also currently a council member of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women. You can find out more about her at: www.sonalifiske.com.

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