A 6-month immersive course for Black, Indigenous, Women & Femmes of Color* 

This deep-dive, hands-on course, and creative space is for rising and emerging abolitionists, futurists, visionary leaders, activists, innovators, and social and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to break ground and some illusions around the status quo. 

BIWoC Revolutionaries Take The Mic is for leaders fully ready to develop their message through a decolonial and revolutionary lens -- so that we're not perpetuating tired, oppressive, exclusionary concepts and narrow-minded views.

  • Do you have a revolutionary idea to share in 2022?
  • Are you ready to get out of your social media squares and get paid to speak on it?
  • Do you wish to learn how to integrate the personal and the political?
  • Do you want to embody justice and liberatory praxis; divest from black square activism & the online strategies of confrontation, punishment and praise?
  • Do you want to find belonging with other thought leaders who are disrupting disparities in race, power & wealth?
  • Are you ready to shift power back to your own ancestral intelligence & traditional knowledge, be rooted in curiosity, re-imagining and creative license?

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*Applications are open to trans and cis women and non-binary and gender nonconforming people who are open to learning in a femme centered space.

This devoted space is for you if...

✔️ You know your work deserves a stronger spokesperson, but you're not quite sure how to step into that 

✔️ You're ready to come out of social media and share your message with a wider audience

✔️ You're tired of being devalued & sidelined by the dominant culture, and fully ready to move past the roadblocks around suppression and discrimination

✔️ You have a message that will break ground and some illusions around gender norms and racial inequality

✔️ You are ready to be celebrated as a leading expert and an authority in your field

✔️ You are prepared to get crystal clear on your narrative, story, or idea, through a decolonial lens & speak on it

✔️ You are ready to give a TED/TEDx Talk, give a keynote at a conference, or give a radio/podcast/TV interview right away

✔️ You cherish communal support in a nurturing and healing BIWoC space, away from the patterns of white dominance

✔️ You are ready to learn how to leverage speaking to enhance your business

✔️ You are prepared to master your public speaking voice and interview skills 

✔️ You are revved up about bringing restorative justice, transformative social change and reimagine the culture with your message and your voice

✔️ You want authentic, unapologetic self-expression (You will learn to strengthen your throat Chakra) 

✔️ You're excited about connecting with reporters and prepared to build your media platform

✔️ You're ready to get paid and book competitive speaking fees and attract a speaking circuit

So what do you get out of this? Let's Break It Down


Having a distinct and cohesive message is the primary and essential step to getting you out there with your narrative. This sequential process that I teach you, will get you crystal clear

Speak Up

Understand how to command an audience's attention and learn "conversational architecture" - the art and power of skillful pattern disruption in mixed settings

The Platform

With the multiple and varied platforms currently available out there, you will identify the specific stage, event, talkshow, TV spot, book tour, or other medium that is right for you

Editorial Support

Receive individual, hands-on editorial support and guidance from me of your draft message or script, to ensure it is cohesive and hitting all of the points you want to make

Immersive Coaching

You get weekly, live, group coaching sessions, with plenty of opportunities for Q&A. Plus additional, private, laser-coaching & brainstorming sessions with me throughout

Connecting to Curators

Pitching your concept to event organizers & producers can be daunting. Learn how to strategically and easefully raise the eyebrow of the key decision maker to get you booked 

Countering the Narrative

Define your personal story, your lived experience, and your inherent wisdom to attract your rightful audience & create a social impact with your message


Be surrounded and build community with other supportive, revolutionary BIWoC and stay fully supported, resourced and grounded as you emerge with your message

Revolutionary Graduates

Barcelona-based women's holistic wellness mentor & health coach, Jolinda Johnson, delivered her major first keynote at the Be You Academy's Inspiration Day in London last Summer. Jolinda boldly shared the many misnomers around "success" and how that distorts our work as women entrepreneurs and leaders in society today. www.jolindajohnson.com.

Afro-Indigenous First Nations leader & spoken word artist  Mahlikah Awe:ri performed her powerful piece Tekatsistóhkwen’ne (Falling Stars) at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. Mahlikah was then also given the National Poet of Honor award at the Annual Canadian Festival Of Spoken Word. Mahlikah is the artistic director at Red Slam Collective, an Indigenous hip hop fusion arts movement. https://www.instagram.com/mahlikah_aweri/

Racial justice speaker and trainer, Monea Tamara Abdul-Majeed, led a talk called "Eliminating racism one heart at a time," at The Leadership Summit: Dialogues on Race in 2019. She also led 70 high school students by creating a space to discuss racism and civic engagement, exposing them to servant leadership in the community.  www.moneatamara.com

Indigenous (Ojibwe) medicine woman and Hay House author Asha Frost wrote and delivered her talk on Kindness as Medicine at the Speaker Slam competition in Toronto. Also, her potent write-up, Dear White Woman Who Wants to Be Like Me, went viral and created a catalyst for deeper conversations around cultural appropriation. www.ashafrost.com

Commissioned by the world renowned London Southbank Cultural Centre, founder of POC in Nature, Karen Larbi, wrote a compelling piece entitled Six Ways to Overcome Eco Anxiety. Asked to respond to the events of 2020, her riveting stories around propagating plants and grounding with Mother Earth while navigating an anti-Black world, elicit hope for new ways of being in the darkest of times. www.instagram.com/whythedarkness/

World-renown Kathak artist and founder of Noorani Dance, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh delivered a powerful TEDx Talk in 2020, entitled "Neither Here Nor There," about the inevitable cross-cultural code switching faced by many immigrants and BIPoC. She spoke about her own Pakistani-Muslim immigrant roots, the cultural insecurities and norms we face, and the labels of "other" and "foreigner." www.nooridance.com

Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta) & African American holistic coach, Yolanda Finette gave her first keynote in Melbourne, Australia at the Formidable Voices all-BIWoC panel speaking event, about her personal history. She aired out a story she had been guarding close to her chest. www.yolandafinette.com.

Here are the FAQs

What do people do with their BIWoC Revolutionaries Take the Mic training?

BIWoC Revolutionaries Take the Mic graduates have gone on to give conference keynotes, TEDx Talks, speak at SXSW, book national TV spots, finish their manuscripts, start book tours, join panel discussions, start their own podcasts, win regional spoken word & poetry slams, make meaningful connections and collaborations with other leading creatives, and so much more.

What's the course schedule like?

With active and realtime revolutionary leaders in mind, there's a lot of spaciousness and slow pacing built into this curriculum. Each live coaching session goes for 60-75 minutes, on Tuesdays of every week, with the 5th week off for integration and connecting with your accountability partner. Each session will also be recorded and available afterwards, in the event you are unable to make a live session. There will be manageable and easeful homework assignments in between the live coaching sessions as well. And plenty of generous, communal and individual support along the way!

How much time should I expect to spend on the course?

Expect to aside about 2-3 hours each week for the duration of this course -- this includes the live training session, coursework, and connecting with the community you are building.

What do I do if I have questions about my coursework?

Every weekly, live session will have plenty of time for Q&A. You will also have unlimited email access to me and my team upon enrollment. We are very responsive to your emails, with a 48-hr turnaround time. You will also have access to a secret, private Facebook group where you can ask questions, stay resourced and fully supported. There will be a few drop-in, office hours thrown in as well. Furthermore, you will have 2 private, 1:1 sessions with me, where we can hash out anything you're working through.

Can I get more private, individual coaching with Sonali?

Sure thing! We can add-on individualized, private coaching sessions on an as-needed basis, or you're welcome to schedule up to four sessions upfront, upon registration.

Inside Information

What: A 6-month communal incubator, safe, creative space and online course for BIWoC revolutionaries, prepared to receive full support and get crystal clear on your messaging, widen your audience and bring narrative change with your voice and truth.

When: Tuesday, August 16th 2022 to February 14th, 2023

Where: Live classes on Zoom Online | Plus a secret Facebook group to keep you resourced, in communal support, and keep you accountable to your deliverables.

Why: Because there is no era like this one. It is time to speak up for the causes & issues you care deeply about. Because your rightful audience awaits. Because it's time you get the respect and volume you deserve, and get paid to speak!

Optional Office Hours: TBD

Investment: $2,640 or 440 USD / per month

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What Past Graduates Have to Say...

"I cannot believe the breadth of change and positive impact this course has had on me. I have an expanded vision of what is possible for me in my professional life. I unexpectedly even gained more clarity about the underlining vision for my overall work -- it's stronger and more compelling now. This was demonstrated by the 3 podcasts I've been in discussion to be a guest on, in addition to a speaking engagement on target with my TEDx Talk message I've secured."

~ Idara Bassey, Lawyer, Corporate Healer, and Founder of OneLightMessenger

"I had an important talk coming up at the 2018 NTEN Conference in New Orleans, so I immediately called Sonali. She worked with me to navigate and weave the story arc of my refugee journey into my talk. I delivered my talk to 3000+ with power and confidence because of what she taught me. This is Sonali's magic sauce -- extracting the whole truth and shaping the message to the audience you're speaking to. She was even supporting me until the last hour before my talk!"

~ Monica Brasov-Curca, Founder & Director, Activate Labs

"What I can tell you about Sonali, is that she is so good at providing the right support and empowering you to use your voice. What she's really good at is getting you out of your shell and getting you ready to speak. But also, there's a lot of support from others in this course. If you want to be featured on podcasts, storytelling conferences, TEDx and other platforms, this is the powerful program I recommend."

~ Constanza Eliana, Decolonizing Educator & Founder of Embody Inclusivity

"This course was a lifesaver! I mean, I've had mentorship before, but the cultural sensitivity, individual support, and safe space to be with other women of color, was everything. I was going through a transition period in my life, and I attribute my ability to come through that, to this course. It is truly amazing and I recommend it to every BIWoC colleague I come across. Sign up before Sonali starts to blow up and the course goes global!

~ Danya Akbar, Violence Against Women Education Consultant& Activist

"What I take away from this course is how to be unequivocal about my message. I was seen, valued, and made to feel that my message mattered to the world. I also used to hate the sound of my voice and this course completely shifted that. Within this incubator, I found myself sitting and writing for 3 hours straight and the words just flowed. It was like a dream. And I found the courage to share it. I feel so much more connected to my ancestral truth because of it."

~ Saranel Benjamin, Head of Partnerships, Oxfam Great Britain

Space is Limited. First Come, First Serve.

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Sonali Fiske

Sonali Fiske

About Your Guide:

Sonali Fiske is a Sri Lankan-American, woman-identified Founder of BIWoC Revolutionaries Take the Mic, a TEDx curator and executive producer and a radio talk show host. Her coaching is for those who are revved up about disrupting the disparities in race, power, and wealth, speaking truth to power, and sharing their personal stories to help reimagine and reshape the emerging culture.  

Her recent masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Women's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories of BIWoC countering the current narrative in leadership , power and influence. 

Her radio talk show Revolutionary Voices, on Rukus avenue Radio, centers BIPoC leaders on social justice, political & cultural issues of our time. You can find out more about her work at: www.sonalifiske.com.

As Seen On:

It's time. This is your era. The narrative doesn't change itself. So, take your rightful and equitable place in the spotlight. I can't wait to welcome you. See you on the inside.

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